2D has launched a line of high temperature labels and for marking printed circuit boards (PCB). These durable polyimide and polyester labels are lead-free and appear in many different standard sizes. These labels are able to withstand temperatures up to 450℃ (extended exposure time at 314℃) and make them ideal for lead free soldering during printed circuit board manufacturing.

ideal for lead-free soldering during printed circuit board manufacturing

PC and Lexan Panels

PC panels are the perfect solution for the interface of any machine or component.

Our high performance and cumulative experience in this field enable us to meet the exacting requirements for high quality membrane switches and graphic overlays from the world's leaders in the appliance, electronic, automotive and other industries.

  • PC panels can have many different colors, complex graphics, transparent windows, and wide variety of cut-out areas.
  • Panels can be supplied with clear windows for LEDs and displays.
  • UV Laquer can be applied to provide different textures.
  • We use a wide range of materials such as Polycarbonates, Polyesters, Lexan etc.

ideal for Equipment Faceplates!